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Reward Folding Linen Bag Trolley

3100 - (now with black frame)


Our Folding Linen Bag Trolleys are available in five different models, from 100 to 240 litres capacity, with mild or stainless steel frames. All mild steel models are finished with a black frame as standard - other colours available on request.

Each one folds down to 20% of its width, making it the perfect solution for establishments short of storage space. Single or twin bags are available, making linen sorting easy. All the bags are heavy duty and washable.

Simple bag clips on each corner are provided to attach the bags to their collapsible frames or seal them up for collection. Four swivel castors make for an easy ride around your hotels service areas.



Available in the following standard sizes and finishes:

100 litre single bag - Overall size: 460mm L x 390mm W x 960mm High

Mild Steel     PC: 3100     Stainless Steel     PC: 3100-S        Industrial Finish    PC: 3100-I  


150 litre single bag - Overall size: 750mm L x 470mm W x 800mm High

Mild Steel     PC: 3150     Stainless Steel     PC: 3150-S Industrial Finish    PC: 3150-I  


200 litre single bag - Overall size: 750mm L x 470mm W x 1030mm High

Mild Steel     PC: 3200     Stainless Steel     PC: 3200-S  Industrial Finish    PC: 3200-I  


2 x 100 litre bags - Overall size: 760mm L x 460mm W x 960mm High

Mild Steel     PC: 3200-2     Stainless Steel     PC: 3200-2S Industrial Finish    PC: 3200-2I  


240 litre single bag - Overall size: 830mm L x 550mm W x 960mm High

Mild Steel     PC: 3240     Stainless Steel     PC: 3240-S Industrial Finish    PC: 3240-I  


Additional linen bags  also available seperately

100 litre PC: Z9009

150 litre PC: Z8070

200 litre PC: Z8071

240 litre PC: Z8072