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Mk 1 Chambermaid's Trolley

Mk 1 Chambermaid's Trolley


The superb Mk 1 chambermaids trolley is packed with the usual features and is by far our most popular housekeeping trolley.

The Mk 1 has a light grey mild steel frame, four fixed shelves and a full-length base board for extra storage. It also comes with two detachable bags at either end, these are ideal for collecting and sorting bed linen, towels etc. End bumpers prevent wall damage and all swivel castors ensure an easy ride.


Now Available - Splash proof cover for the MK1 trolley.

This useful cover has been developed in response to customer demand and is ideal for premises where the trolley may need to travel between seperate buildings. The MK1 cover also gives a smart and tidy appearence to any trolley left in public view.

Two full height zips on both sides to ensure easy access to trolley and swift removal or addition of  the cover.


Trolley Dimensions:

Mk1 Chambermaids Trolley: 1335mm L  x 445mm W x 1275mm High.

Shelves: 605mm L x 435mm W; Top shelf with 75mm high upstand;

Clearance between shelves: 220mm;

PC: 3521


Bag Dimensions:

1 white bag:  410mm x 380mm x 940mm deep     

PC: Z9003

1 green bag: 410mm x 305mm x 635mm deep     

PC: Z9004

(Bags may also be ordered seperately )


MK1 Cover:

PC: MK1-Cover