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Carving Trolley

Carving Trolley


This elegant Carving Trolley is a best seller and makes a mouthwatering centerpieces in any dining room. Manufactured in a selection of hardwoods, each has a splendid chrome dome and drop-down 10 stainless steel plate holder. A spiked, hygienic polypropylene cutting board holds the meat steady while carving and juices are caught in a removable tray.

Equipped with a bain-marie heated by a solid fuel burner, food is kept hot until it reaches the customer. There is also a shelf for holding a carving knife, fork and sharpening steel

Large castors on the trolley ensure a smooth ride over all types of floor covering.

Finished in red-mahogany or dark oak as standard - special colour finished at additional cost. 

Available in the following sizes :

Carving Trolley - Manufactured in selected hardwoods; 670mm x 670mm x 1165mm high. Working height 930mm. Chrome dome 420mm diameter; Clearance under dome 150mm maximum.

PC: 1460