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Pegasus Refrigerated Storage Modules

Pegasus Refrigerated Storage Modules


Refrigerated Well and Contact Blown Air Modules can be ordered with or without refrigerated under-the-counter storage. They provide a chilled storage place for deserts, salads, cold meats etc. There are many different sizes and options available to suit whatever requirments you may have. Module available in a standard size 700mm deep x 900mm high

Available with the optional Tubular Stainless Steel Drop Down Tray Slide and optional Gantry (as pictured).

Standard colours available: Yellow, Green, Red or Blue, other colour options available at additional cost.


Available in the following sizes and finishes:


Refrigerated Contact well module- Ambient Storage

Small (1200mm long)     PC: 6312

Medium (1500mm long)     PC: 6315

Large (1900mm long)     PC: 6319


Refrigerated Contact well module- Refrigerated Storage

Small (1200mm long)     PC: 6412

Medium (1500mm long)     PC:6415

Large (1900mm long)     PC: 6419


Refrigerated Contact Blown Air Module- Ambient Storage

Small (1200mm long)     PC: 6512

Medium (1500mm long)     PC: 6515

Large (1900mm long)     PC: 6519


Refrigerated Blown Air Well Module- Refrigerated Storage

Small (1200mm long)     PC: 6612

Medium (1500mm long)     PC: 6615

Large (1900mm long)    PC: 6619